On 12/05/2023, GSV was honored to receive the Award "2022 Best Improvement Supplier" from Toyota Vietnam Co., Ltd.

GSV and Toyota Vietnam started cooperation since 2002, and the two sides have always been close friends so far. Toyota products are always luxurious and sophisticated in design, along with the strength and durability that GSV contributes to ... conquered even the most fastidious customers.

Best Improvement Supplier Award is the honored award given to the best supplier to improve the scores after the strict audits held by Toyota Vietnam for Safety, Quality, Cost and all other internal control matters.  GSV has got the Best Improvement Supplier award in the competition with all Toyota suppliers and passed the evaluations to supply for Toyota new models.

GSV's battery products are trusted by famous automotive and motorcycle manufacturers to choose as a genuine parts supplier for their products. Through this certification, GSV once again affirmed its position as a leading battery supplier today, not only able to meet strict requirements from a big manufacturer such as Toyota ... but always caring and accompanying together with partners, to look forward to long-term relation and sustainable development in future.

With the goal of sustainable development, GSV always strives to constantly improve and enhance important standards such as: quality, delivery, reasonable prices... to meet all needs from loyal customers, love and contribute to building a stronger and richer Vietnamese economy.

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