We make this Kanban in order to support distributors, retailers to identify the appearance faults which GSV will refuse warranty due to customer's mistake.

Below are some appearance faults that GSV company refuse warranty (not a production mistake) that we have provided with images, causes and solutions to help consumers understand.

  1. Battery appearance.

Battery got cracked, broken, swollen, deformed, exploded, burned…


2. Terminal appearance

2.1 The terminal got deformed, there are signs of repair & re-casting.

2.2 Positive terminal got deformed or corroded when using for Generator.

Cause: Acid contaminated (Cl-)

Recommendation actions:

+ Do not use acid contaminated by Cl-.

+ Recommend: Concentration of Cl- in acid ≤ 30 (ppm - part per million)

2.3 OK terminal appearance.

3. Cell appearance.

3.1 Impurity electrolyte


+ Filling concentrate acid.

+ Add water mixed impurity or chemicals such as alum water, oil, soap, iron powder...or unintentionally contaminate from outside objects such as iron bolt, metal bar.

Recommendation actions:

+ Filling acid with SPG 1.250~1.270 g/cm3. Not contaminated.

+ Do not add diluted acid or impurities (only add distilled water or RO water).


3.2 Corrosion fault (over charge fault).


+ Charging system got damaged (charging current is too high, charging system is still charging when battery is full).

+ Start engine many times continuously (when engine can not start).

+ Battery was installed at high temperature area.

+ High using frequency: Taxi, forklift…

Recommendation actions:

+ Frequently checking and maintain charging system.

+ Do not start engine over 5 seconds/ times and should rest at least 3 minutes between 2 times of starting engine.

+ If battery is near high temperature resource, should apply heat insulation sheet.

3.3 Sulfate fault (Over discharge fault).


  1. Over discharge.

    + Turn on vehicle light overnight.

    + Turn on electric devices while turn off engine.

    + Install more loads such as DVD, TV, radio, meter (taxi), telephone…

    + Vehicle has high dark current.

  2. Not enough charge.

+ Charger of vehicle was down or broken.

+ Vehicle run with short distance (charging time is not enough).

+ Vehicle run at rush hour (Low charging current).

+ Using frequency of vehicle is low.

Recommendation actions:

+ Regularly checking charger, dark current of vehicle.

+ Do not install additional electric devices out of the original vehicle design.

+ When the vehicle is not used for long time:

  1. Disconnect the cable and terminal.
  2. If the charger is available, recharge regularly when the voltage is below 12.6 V (should keep the voltage above 12.4 V) and standard charge is 1/10 of the capacity of the battery. (For example N100 - 100Ah, 10A charging current). Charging time according to the following table:

3. If charger is not available. Start engine 20~30 minutes per week to recharge battery.

3.4 OK cell.