What should we do when the battery was overcharge?
Changing the new charger follow the standard of the car maker if the old one damaged.
Why should be use MF battery?

Because MF battery is the maintenance free battery, it’s very convenient for using. During the using time, this battery is no need to be filled any more water. MF batteries are designed with advance technology and suitable for all type of cars and motorbikes, especially for the new Idling stop technology. With the advance technology, GS provide the MF battery with higher capacity, lower water reduce and longer service life compare with other competitors.

Why should we use the conventional battery?
With the car or motorbike has heavy using  such as: running in long distance, using in long time per day (taxi, truck, bus…) we should use the conventional battery. During the heavy using condition, the battery need to be filled more water to replace for the water loss, so we should use the conventional battery which designed to fill more water easy.
How to do maintenance conventional battery?

--) Why does the battery become hot, high water lost and short service life?

The cause is battery was overcharge in long time, charging with high current or voltage will make battery hot, water lost and reduce service life. Keep battery charging with current I=1/10 capacity and charging temperature below 50ºC.

How to do prevent sulfate ?
- No keep battery low power in long time.
- If we do not use battery in long time should charge once a month.
Why do not  battery keep power?
Because batteries are used after a long time, the plate corrosion result from contact between the positive and negative discharging itself.
Why should only charge the battery with current battery capacity by 1/10?
The purpose battery is fully charged to ensure no fire and explosion battery.
If the battery is depleted water was filling it possible to continue using it?
Can still be use but the quality and battery life has been greatly reduced compared with normal. So be sure not to this case occurred.
Why good battery (horn, lights-face, stop lights, clock lights are used), but does not start.?
In this case, we need to check:
- Car fuse broken or not.
- Electrical conductors connected to the battery and sure good contact or not.
- Relay broken
Add more other electrical equipment in the car, don’t affect the battery?
Because the device power consumption makes the battery more quickly run out of power.
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