Training and Developing

» Training
    Training is considered as the most important activity of GSV in developing GSV employee skills. Training courses are regularly held in all kinds of employee levels and always gain the special support and encouragement from management side as well as obtain the interest and attendance of all employee due to the highly applicable knowledge in each training course. Working at GSV, you will be trained knowledge which related to your major, basic knowledge of producing process, join regular training course to update knowledge and regulations related to your work.  
  • Training joining: when you begin to work, all new employee must be trained basic company regulations, policies, communication culture and community principles of Japanese because almost Manager in GSV are from Japan. After that, you will tour around factory, study producing process and depending on your position, you will be instructed regulation of labor safety, trained deeply about work in your section/Department with actual illustration picture in Training room so that you can understand generally your work. 
  • Training technology: employee who work at Production Department, Control Quality, are often trained by foreigner experts of companies belong GS Yuasa Group in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia... to update knowledge of modern technology to improve productivity of machines, improve equipments so that employee work at the best environment. 
  • Internal training: GSV often organize internal training meeting in every Department/Section to discuss, share experience, share tips to get the highest result of work. Training of senior to their subordinate is always encouraged so that employee work confident and success.

» Developing human resource
    In environment of developing idea free, do not hesitate challenge and non-stop kaizen, GSV would like to bring the best environmental working for employee. Employee who finish their work completely and have potential ability will be trained, promoted to become Managers.