Working environment

» Working conditions

- Would you like to challenge yourself?
- Would you like to be positive yourself?
- Would you like to work with enthusiasm individuals, groups?
- Would you like to join social & charity activities?...

   Do not hesitate to join GSV so that we can do your hope together where you not only work for yourself, for your family but also work for development of community and society. Modern, professional and challenge working environment are factors which help us make ourselves more perfect. GSV builds environment for every employee so that you can free develop your talent and career ideal; encourage, support for individuals to develop as their aspiration. There are many career choices which you can challenge and show your talent in GSV. GSV is the working place of ambitious and strive individuals.

» Study & Share experience

   Non-stop studying and kaizen are two of the important policies issued by General Director. Every employee works in any position, must always increase their knowledge and skill so that they perfect themselves as well as get the highest working result. Therefore, studying and kaizen are necessary conditions of all employee who work in GSV.

    Besides, sharing experience, guidance between senior for subordinate, between colleagues been always encouraged to develop in GSV. With the target "Experience only have valuation when shared" help everybody closer, free to share and discuss difficulties to finish work completely.

» Appraisal

   Appraisal system is based on working effectiveness, is the best measure to appraise you accuracy and objective. Target of your working will be foundation to appraise working result of every employee, all employee will register working target in year to finish them. Result of your working will decide your appraisal result, it does not depend on anyone's opinion. The evident and objective appraisal system.

» Promotion
   Working at GSV, you will have chance to promote up higher position, a title system with many available position will be the motive to encourage you going on.