1.      Introduction

GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd (GSV) is a company with 100% Japanese company owned capital who is producing automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries, industrial batteries and forklift batteries under the technology of GS-YUASA Japan.

To control the quality of batteries, GSV produced the distilled water at our factory by the modern machine and the high technology.

Your battery’s life time can be extended by using the original distilled water from GSV.

We commit that we are bringing the quality product for our quality batteries.


Finished product

2.      Why GSV need to produce the distilled water?

Many local suppliers at Vietnam had already produced this product for many years ago but we have found out some available distilled water in the market has mineral materials which are high to reduce battery capacity, increase self-discharge, and corrosion. It can be reduce battery performance that GSV has provided and affected GSV's reputation.



                   Content of GSV distilled water and some of the market distilled water


Table: The effects of the different impurities



Effects of impurity


Contamination A

Increased self-discharge, lowers on-charge voltage


Contamination B

Self-discharge, reduce battery capacity and corrosion


Contamination C

Increased self-discharge at both plates, lowers on charge voltage


Contamination D

Increased Corrosion


Contamination E

Reduce battery capacity


Based on the effects of the different impurities in the above table. That's why trusted distilled water is recommended for better performance and longer battery life.

For these reasons, GSV decided to produce distilled water by ourselves to control the quality of batteries which GSV produced at Vietnam.

Our customers can be confident to use the original products from GSV and enjoy the best quality from now to future.

3.      GSV is following Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

We are the Japanese manufacturer so each product which is producing must be followed JIS as our quality commitment.

This is our advantage that we can prove to our customers about the difference between GSV’s product to the local suppliers.

Our products will be suitable not only GS batteries but also other brands at Vietnam.


The quality control of GSV distilled water

4.      GSV is using the modern machine and high technology

For controlling the quality, GSV invested the modern machine and followed the high technology to produce the distilled water.

Every lot of distilled water always be checked carefully from our experience QC team to ensure the quality before we delivered to our valued customers.

In the past GSV only produced the distilled water to internal use for our production. But now we expand the capacity of the distilled water system to support our customers to use battery longer.

Modern machine and high technology

5.      GSV is proceeding the professional packing method

We had the experience for packing method from automotive batteries, motorcycle batteries, industrial batteries and forklift batteries so we can set up the appropriate method for distilled water.

This method is stable enough to deliver from GSV’s factory to every warehouse’s locations without any damage.


 Professional packing method


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