This year, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment proposed extending the traditional theme of the recycling festival and renamed it "Green Living Festival" in Ho Chi Minh City.
≪Green Living Festival≫ continues and promotes the positive results of the Recycling Recycle Day Program 2017. Through this, the extending scope of communication towards the formation and multiplication of friendly lifestyles with the environment (green lifestyle) to many components of the citizen population, contributing to the achievement of the objective of building HCM City with good quality of life, civilization, modernity.
On 03/06/2018 at Le Van Tam Park (District. 1), GSV continues to sponsor "Green Living Festival" with the participation of leaders of Natural Resources and Environment Department, Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City; businesses, non-governmental organizations and people in the city.

Come to the Green Living Festival with the topic "recycle today, sustainance tomorrow", GSV is one of the main sponsors of the festival, sponsored for printing stories, hats, clothes for children, students. The GSV booth attracted more than 2,000 visitors, challenging the game show. At the same time, GSV also collected large amounts of waste from consumers in exchange for attractive gifts such as GSV helmets, hand-fans, pens.
For GSV, Green Living D
ay activities are not only a practical activity in line with the Prime Minister's decision 50/2013 / QD-TTg on the recovery of waste products but also on awareness Protect the environment by properly using the battery to increase the battery life, reduce environmental emissions, and properly dispose of the battery to bring it to its proper disposal, recycling and disposal places .

"Action is small, but it is a great significance", GSV hopes to bring green messages, protect the living environment to everyone and GSV continues to work ceaselessly because of our living environment for today and later.

Press the button to open the festival.

GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd is received the thankful flower from the Green Day Program 2018.

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