On the anniversary 18 years from the day when GS Battery Vietnam Co.,Ltd was established, all employees of GSV and their families had an interesting, fascinating Family Festival in Giang Dien warterfall, blended with many ebullient activities which was made by GSV employees.
   Each GSV employee and their family are one single color with many different features, With the topic of “Burstling colors, leading records”, GS Battery Vietnam Co.,Ltd wants to build a multi- colorful picture with the harmonious combination from many single colors, a picture of successes and developments of GSV during the past 18 years. GS Battery Vietnam Co.,Ltd hoped big GSV family can enjoy the moments beside their relatives and their family.
   Within the scope of this  GS Family Festival, GS Battery Vietnam Co.,Ltd made an original and warm stage in the area of Giang Dien Waterfall  and a playing-field only for GSV employees and their family joining such as: Bullfighter, GSV power, top scorer, cooking, arranging flower, Sack jumping, Ringing golden bell, Connecting the Production part .. .There were over 27 individual and team games with the total prize more than 106 million VND.
   All GSV employees got a multifunction rice cooker of Tiger- a famous brand with our logo which has value after negotiating to be 1.290.000 VND/pc ( the original price is 1.600.000 VND/pc) when they took part in GSV family festival. All GSV employees joined the lucky draw to get many valuable gifts, with the special prize which was a high-grade Honda Airblade motorbike. Total value of lucky draw was 230 million VND. Besides, all employees’ family also got the right away lucky draw with a lot of phone cards of 500.000VND/ award  when they took part in the GS Family Festival.
   GS family festival attracted more than 2800 participants of GSV employees and their families joining. This is the most important yearly event of GS Battery Vietnam Co.,Ltd which was held to aim to improve the solidarity spirit of GSV employees, and show the gratefulness of GSV Company to all employees who contributed wholeheartedly for the developing of GS Battery Vietnam Brand.

   GS Family Festival finished successfully and made many unforgettable memories in GSV employees’ hearts. At the same time, it also made a strongly impression with the family of GSV employees that GS Battery Vietnam always raises the key slogan “Power for journeys” and takes care for the living of employees.


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