Based on recent survey, Ho Chi Minh city has 20.000 buses to serve transportation demand and on national holiday 30th Apr and 1st May it will increase double, Thus, GSV was cooperated with other brand to organized Bus Care Day at Mien Dong Bus Station This event will convey the knowledge on maintenance and taking care of  bus to reduce traffic accidences. During 2 days, 24-25th Apr 2015, the program could check 121 buses. Each bus could have services like: checking tyres, checking batteries, checking oil & lube, cleaning windshield, cleaning air filters, scanning errors, refilling coolant& windshield washer and consulting. Amongst “8 checking steps” the process checking battery was extracted many drivers and owners. Drivers and owner also were consulted about keeping battery for long life time by sharing from our skillful technicians.
Through this activity, drivers also learned about how to check battery like: check battery once a month, drivers should check and maintenance battery: fill pure water if water level is low, check current voltage, cleaning battery,…. Consumers were absolutely eager when they were consulted 10 signals battery needs take care of like: dim light, electric device work weakly, strange smell and rescue the battery when meeting dead battery. Besides that, our Phuoc Chau dealers also joined and gave voucher for drivers.
In the event, GSV had statistic that  44% battery in not good situations, 11%  battery was not cleaned about connection terminal was not good. 10% bus was filled goods in battery cabin that can make battery expand the container and explode in worse situation.
With program’s message brought best service to help drivers feel safety before each trip. GSV had  filled pure water for 25% bus lack of water, charge for 8% bus joined in event as well as consulted for drivers simple way to check and take care of battery.
In next June, the Bus Care Day will be continuously organized in Giap Bat Station, Ha Noi. GSV still join in this event and will share experiences for drivers in the North of Vietnam.


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