Pour sulfuric acid properly as defined (to the UPPER LEVEL).
The specific gravity of electrolyte at 20ºC:
  • For automotive battery: 1.250 ~ 1.270
  • For motorcycle battery: 1.270 ~ 1.290


After the pour is complete, keep the battery stand still for 15 minutes and pour more if the electrolytes is down


Charge it with the electric current of 1/10 to the battery capacity.
Charging time is about 30 minutes.


During using, check electrolyte level and refill with purified water to keep correct electrolyte level (UPPER level).
* Warning:
  • Only add the purified water, absolutely not add sulfuric acid.
  • Do not use the battery if the liquid reaches below the LOWER LEVEL, because it may cause fire and explosion.
  • Do not fill the battery to exceed the UPPER LEVEL, the liquid may overflow and damage the vehicle or cause fire.