To meet the market demand for product automotive batteries base on current situation economic and the environment for the future.

 From 03/09/2014, GS Battery Vietnam officially launched automotive product line  “GS E-series” for for truck, truck crane,benz-vehicles and boat.

‘GS E-series’ New product we received from customers opinion very well product since its launch, E-series with feature:

Ecology: Economy technology to protect environment

Environment: Using many recycle materials to help ensure a healthy environment.

Economy: E-series with characteristics and economic convenience, ser can save cost of creating more choice for consumers, such battery using, contribute the economy.

E-series with high cranking performance,long life using


E-series batteries apply the latest technology and equipment to get the highest capacity. The product is designed to suit the Vietnamese market condition and controlled  strictly  in the quality by Japanese standard.


With the GS YUASA - Japanese Battery Technology, GS E-series battery has excellent starting performance, prevent corrosion and eliminates water loss that extend the life of the battery two times compare with other competitors.

Please contact:

HO CHI MINH BRANCH: (From Quang Nam Province to the South)

Tel: (08) 35110677 / 78 /79 /80 Fax: (08) 35110681

HA NOI BRANCH: (From Da Nang province to the North)

Tel: (04) 37236147 / 48  Fax: (04) 37236149

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