To welcome Lunar New Year 2015, GS Battery Vietnam Co.,Ltd has many activities and gifts to send to GSV’s employees, wish all of them have a happy lunar new year with their family and their friends
Respecting and enhancing the best tradition of the Vietnamese which is that sending the lucky money on the new year to get the lucky, GSV already sent to all employees the lucky money bag with the logo and unique design of GSV. With this gift, everybody can congratulate their friends and family on the occasion of New Year.
Besides, the Labor Union of GS Battery Viet Nam also sent to each employee 01 soft drink box (24 cans of Pepsi) to cheer with their family on the spring’s meal.
Not only the small gifts having the material value, GS Battery Vietnam also issued the first internal magazine to all of employees as the mental gift wishing everyone have a happy new year.
And after Tet holiday, to welcome all employees to come back with the company and to hope for a good beginning, the General Director already signed to send more than 1600 spring cards with the lucky money of 200,000 VND/ person to all GSV’s employees  who went to work on the first day of the lunar new year.





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