Policies and Benefits

Benefits of employee be always committed as law said when you work in GSV. GSV commit to ensure better and best benefits for employee.

1. Salary:

   GSV ensure good salary which is suitable economic situation, business result, working effectiveness and contribution of employee for GSV.

2. Other policies: 

   Working at GSV, besides benefits following labor law such as joining compulsory social insurance, checking health twice a year, going vacation trip yearly; you also enjoy relax time when joining regular activities as: Family festival day to get many value gifts, joining football club, cooking club, flower club, dancing club... at GSV after stress working time.

   In addition, GSV also arrange bus to pick up and leave employee to work conveniently and safety

   GSV always give meaning full gifts to employee in special events such as holidays, Tet... 

   Developing business must combine to developing human resource, General Director often think about special benefits to employee. If you would like to work at the company which help you to improve your skills as well as give you warm felling, do not hesitate to join GSV. 

   Activities of some clubs in GSV

    Employee join Family Festival Day 2014