HCM MOTORBIKE EVENT (16 & 17th May, 2015)

Continue series of motorbike event in main city: Hai Phong, Ha Noi, Kien Giang, DakLak, Binh Duong, Can Tho… in 16 & 17th May, 2015, GSV set up motorbike event in HCMC (Phu Tho Stadium, D.11).




This time, GSV set up Testimonial activity which become attractive consumer joining, we sent gift for consumer having actual life time GS battery over 03 years, according production code in battery cover & in warranty card.


Through this event, we have found the statistics that GS battery takes 80% market share of motorbike battery in HCMC, among this statistics, GSV sent Testimonial gift for 6% consumer having actual life time GS battery over 03 years, having good battery situation for peace of mind using. GS technical confirmed these consumers regularly maintain their motorbike and with stabilized charging.


GSV take care & maintain motorbike battery including: clean battery, distilled water (for acid battery), check voltage, charging current testing of motorbike… Other hand, consumers joined game Challenge with GSV for improvement knowledge using battery and improvement safe driving skills.


Though series of motorbike event, GSV expected to bring the best services to consumers, listen to their ideas as well as share knowledge about using battery in right ways for keep it long life time. Special, technical GS explain for consumer about how to using battery long life time: turn off starting key when not using vehicle, charge battery 1 time/ month when not using vehicle for a long time. We can fill distilled water or pure water when battery low water.
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