On 10th December, 2014, GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd joined the Monozukuri Conference(Japanese: Monozukuri means Product Manufacturing) with the theme“Innovation in Automotive Industry” of Asia at White Place Convention Center held by HIDA, Nikkei Business Publications Inc, AVAS and Institute of Management and Technology Promotion.

Joining this conference, there are attendance of trusted enterprises in automotive industry belonging to VAMA such as Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd; Nissan Techno Vietnam Co., Ltd; Truong Hai Auto Corporation, Saigon Transportation Mechanical Corporation (SAMCO), other enterprises in supporting industry and GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd is the only battery manufacturer who was honorly invited to join this conference.

Through this conference, GSV’s General Director made an impressive presentation on policies for growing up with employees and suppliers. Mr. Masaya Nakagawa said that the employee is our precious treasure. So, we have always been taking  care of employees and their family by non-stop improving working environment, meal, rewarding Kaizen prize, establishing the clubs and sharing the profit to all employees in order to them feel satisfied with working and staying at GSV for a long time. “Their Happy life is Our Growing up” – also this is one key word of GSV’s policy for employees. And the policies for suppliers, Mr. Masaya Nakagawa also said “Their Success is Our Success”. Mr Masaya Nakagawa believes that thanks to policies for growing up with employees and suppliers, GSV will continue to develop in the future.

At this conference, GSV also learns more experience on applying 5S process in manufacturing of Toyota Motor Vietnam, always focusing on all jobs even it’s small. Or the policy of Truong Hai Auto Corporation on opening the schools for free training employee, theory lessons and actual training will be performed right on manufacturing lines and committing to receive the employee to work for Truong Hai Auto Corporation after finishing the training courses.

Innovation in manufacturing battery for automotive industry is the GSV’s objective on the patch to affirm GS Brand and contribute to the development of Vietnamese economy.

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