Welcoming the 20th anniversary of the establishment of GS Vietnam and the 100th anniversary of GS Yuasa Japan, GS Battery Vietnam is pleased to host the GS Distributor Meeting 2017 at the Novotel Phu Quoc from 10th – 12th Nov 2017.

Tinh Hoa Hoi Tu - Topic the conference

20 years of sustainable development:
2017 is a very special year marks the milestone 20 years establishing of GS in Vietnam and the 100th anniversary GS Yuasa in Japan. Looking back on 20 years of making effort for development in Vietnam, GS Battery is proud to provide automotive and motorcycle batteries - with the majority market share for Japanese vehicle brands, to develop the sales system in 54 provinces with nearly 200 distributors in Vietnam.

GSV has linked distributors from the North and South

Over the past 20 years, all staffs of the company have always complied with the policy of working for the best products and services to customers. To achieve that goal, GS has expanded the three factories BD1, BD2, Binh Xuyen in Binh Duong and Vinh Phuc provinces, strictly adhering to Japanese production standards, investing in modern technology, research and development New products, expanded business systems and enhanced customer service.
Successful connection – Together Development:
There is a saying, "Want to go fast, go alone, but want to go far, go together" because of that, GS gathered all Distributors in Vietnam at the event to connect success and record their dedication. This is also the spirit of cooperation, together for a long-term sustainable development goal between GS and Distributors.

Distributors were honored for their dedication in the Gala.

On this special occasion, GSV has linked distributors from the North and South of Vietnam at the GS Distributor Conference Program 2017 to look back 20 years of co-operation and tribute deep gratitude to all the Distributors has been together with GS Vietnam.
During the program, the distributors were invited to visit the GS factory in Binh Duong, learn about the process of producing automotive battery at Binh Duong 1 factory and the motorcycle battery at the Binh Duong 2 factory.

Distributors visit GS Factory in Binh Duong.

Continuing the program is the Gala Ceremony to honor the dedication of Distributors who has been cooperating with GS Vietnam for 20 years.

Gala Night Tinh Hoa Hoi Tu

In addition, GS and all Distributors together visit Ganh Dau Elementary School, to share and support with students have special circumstances to continue going to school.

GS Distributors support poor students in elementary school in Ganh Dau

The program has closed with the joyful moments, memorable memories in the GS Distributors and GSV.
In the future, GS is striving to become a leading battery manufacturer in the Vietnamese market and look forward to continuing to cooperate with distributors, share a bright future and develop outstandingly.
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