From 2013 till now, GS Battery Vietnam - one of the leading organizer who run “Free battery care and maintenance” event. In particular, GS battery and NGK bugi co-organized this event in Dong Nai in 2 days 23 and 24th Oct 2015.
This program has organized in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Binh Duong, Can Tho, Kien Giang, Dak Lak, caring for more than 4,500 motorcycles all over country.

GS Vietnam - Pioneer in Motorbike Battery Care in Vietnam
Motorbike is the most popular transport in Vietnam with more than 47 million vehicles in circulation. Demand for maintenance and professional advice on motorbike using and caring properly is high. However, not everyone has access the skilled technical team from the original manufacturer. As the brand accounted for 60% market share of motorcycles battery GS Battery Vietnam has been a pioneer in helping clients maintain the battery and technical advice through the chain of events "Day Assembly Motorcycle care "across the country.
Mr. Soichi Hanano, general manager of the company GS Battery Vietnam said: "GS not only produce the batteries line of high quality with reasonable price, we also want to contribute to building the road traffic environment Vietnam sets in a safer, more friendly through caring for the battery, making the car run better. "

"We are happy when you first joined the company NGK spark plug program, the cooperation of two leading vendors of motorcycle components brought to the comprehensive care for customers' vehicles to attend"
Mr. Soichi Hanano share more.

With more than 30 industrial and residential volume over 2.7 million people in Dong Nai, the program has attracted the participation of more than 1,500 customers and 500 respectively in 2 M 23-24 / 10/2015. At the event, the technicians of maintenance GS battery of attendees in sanitary items such as bottle, lit distilled water, measure the voltage, the charging current test car. These habits reduce battery life expectancy was also raised to help customers keep in mind when using such, forget philosophy distilled water, forgot to turn the key to "off" when not using the car, constantly reviewing goals while driver.
Through care, the battery GS recorded notable figures as: ... 10% of the motor in the event not be lit when the solution of distilled water was shallow, ... 13% means attaching too much large power consumption devices as weak battery and reduces life expectancy, ... 45% of vehicles have no further contact terminals due to be cleaned regularly, some weak vehicle battery power or the antenna terminals

Event landscape from entrance view

Store and Game Show section

Technician of GS Battery and NGK spark plugs take care Motorbike

Technician of GS Battery and NGK spark plugs take care Motorbike

Customer receive useful gift from GS and NGK

Customer fascinated with game show at event

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