Training on group activities through moving practice with Hula Hoop circle

On September 11th, 2018, the GSV employees attended the training course about Huala Hoop - a short training course to promote the teamwork spirit trained by Professor Yumiko Kawanashi who is the Director of the EAP Research from Japan.

The Participants of this training course is the middle and high level of management. The group praticed the team building game by moving Huala Hoop around by initially a group of four, after that increaded to a group of eight, twelve persons, etc. and practised the role of leader, and members.  When the number of persons in a group increased, the job of moving the Hula Hoop to another place became more complicated and more difficult, then the role of the leader is necessary to organize group activity, lead the group and lead the members with closed eyes and closed mouth to the required location successfully.

The lecture is not theoretically organized but the learner can self-absord and remember the gold principles and elements to create good teamwork activity. Those elements are helping to select a leader, make the group rules, group targets, group strategy and action plans to achieve the targets, asign jobs for members clearly, exchange good communication, based on the consensus communication towards the same targets, support to prevent the weakness of each member...

GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd joining Hula Hoop training course.


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