In order to both raise awareness and provide health care for drivers, GS Battery Vietnam has cooperated with BVOT, Michelin tires, Fuso trucks and National Traffic Safety Committee to organize successfully Driver Care Day at the Mien Dong Bus Station (HCMC) and Giap Bat Bus Station (HNI).

Good health for driver, safe driving for transportation
This is the 3rd year continuously, GS Battery Vietnam accompanied with "Driver Care Day". The event took place at the Mien Dong Bus Station on 3rd – 4th Oct and continued to Giap Bat Bus Station on 5th – 6th Oct.

The event was held in Mien Dong and Giap Bat station

With the message "Good health for driver, safe driving for transportation", to the program this year, the drivers have been receiving the health check-up services such as ultrasound, blood pressure, vision test, private consulting to reduce the sickness risk such as kidney stones, cirrhosis, fatty liver, insomnia .... Besides, drivers also received free hair cut in the event.

In addition, the program also conducted more gym training sessions and provided information on how to prevent illness for the doctor.

In addition, an indispensable activity to help driver secure safe on the road is the vehicle inspection service from spare part brands. Specifically:
- GS Battery: check and maintain battery, clean up terminal, refill distilled water, voltage measurement.
- Michelin tires: perform tire care, tire testing and advice.
- Fuso Truck: Advice on how to use the car safely, efficiently.
- Hunter: adjust the ruler.

GS Technician is checking battery terminal.

Impressive statistic in the event
After 4 days with the “Driver Care Day” at Mien Dong Bus Station and Giap Bat Bus Station, the organizers have recorded impressive numbers:
5,000 participants joined in the program.
500 drivers received medical examinations.
400 vehicles are provided free maintenance.
370 batteries are inspected and maintained.
300 tires are taken care.
150 vehicles are adjusted ruler.
80 technicians participating .

Many drivers are interested in the event

On the first time joined event, Mr. Nguyen Van Chien - bus driver at Mien Dong bus station said: "I am very happy that finally there is a very meaningful program for the driver. We feel more confident in our work; feel we contribute an important part in the development of society."
At Giap Bat station, the driver Tran Dong Toan shared: "This is my 3rd year joining in this event, very happy and excited because I just got car care, got a physical exam and how to avoid occupational sickness"

The program closed with memorable memories, the excited moments of the Drivers. This is also the pride of GS Vietnam when accompanying this program for the purpose of deep gratitude to the Drivers who is also our customers. Along with other brands, GS Vietnam promises to expand this program to more provinces to share meaningful actions with more Drivers in Vietnam.
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