Using Conditions


1. General conditions:

Welcome to GS BATTERY VIETNAM CO.,LTD (GSV) website ( after called website). This website and services are set up & owned by (GSV), using our website & services means you agree with the following agreements (after called using agreements). If you do not agree, please stop using our website & service.
We have rights to change or adjust our using agreements. If you continue to use our website & service after using agreements changed, it means you agree with new using agreements.
2. Our service and responsibility:

Our services are mentioned on the website (after called service)
You agree that we have rights and no need to inform to you in advance adjusting services.
You also agree that we have rights to adjust or delete information which you supplied to ensure these information suitable to our website.
You also agree that we do not have responsibility for damages due to lacking or incorrect of information on website, including of direct, indirect, contingent or arise consequence from accessing or using information of website. Therefore, you have responsibility for consequences of using website.
You understand and agree that information of user name and password must be kept secret, you must inform to us immediately when you think your password was stolen.
You agree that we have rights stop your accessing temporary or long time if you make harmful website or violate using agreements.

3. Your responsibility and duty:

You agree with using agreement, submit correct information when registering and be responsibility for this information.
You have responsibility for protecting your password been sign in by you or others.

4. Term of age:

Everyone can access this website. However, if you want to register member to publish the news on website, you must be enough at least 18 years old have responsibility for your action.

5. Using information on the website:

Contents of website can be seen, printed or sent for anyone. You can not adjust, sell any information from this website. Every citation must be mentioned "Citation form website of GS Battery Vietnam Co.,Ltd).

6. Register member of website:

Registering free completely.
We can refuse to publish your information on the website if it is not truth. You can re-register after 2 working days if you do not see your information on our website.
Each member only registers one account. If you violate, we will deleted your account.

7. Update of member's information

Member must be responsibility for you information.  Member use registered username and password to update information and press "update information" button on the website, member also can delete your account if you want.

8. Some forbid conditions

You agree not violate regulations follow as:

  • Providing information which violating laws, habits and customs, illegal business, make harmful to other company.
  • Using information on website to send email or advertises without agreement of receiver.
  • Providing information or images are owned others which is protected by law of Vietnam and others.

9. Products and service of subject others.

We won't have responsibility for any damage when service, products are registered or advertised on website, directly or indirectly.

10. Inform if have violation:

 If you see any information on the website violating to goods brand which you owned, please inform for us.

11. Laws applied

You agree that trade or not trade activities on the website must obey Vietnamese laws and international laws which Vietnam Government had contract. When having new laws are issued or applied, this term is applied for all members of website.

12. Contacts information:

If you have met any problems from website or update information on the website, please contact with us.
 We will not be intentional to reveal customer's information, not sell or share customer information of GSV for trade purpose violating commits between us and customer follow in policy of customer secret of GSV.
GSV would like to emphasize that we are interested in the interests of customer in protection personal information. In case, you have any ideal, query relating to our Privacy policy, please contact by phone: (0650) 3756 360