MF Battery GTZ5S-E (12V-3.5Ah)

Bình ắc quy xe máy GS GTZ5S-E cho xe Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, SYM

Technical Details

 Item model :  GTZ5S-E
 Voltage :  12V
Capacity :  3.5Ah
Product Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) :  113 x 70 x 85 (mm)
Using for:
  • Honda:
    + Scooter without Idling Stop: Air blade, Click..
    + Motorcycle: Wave, Future before 2008, Winner, Blade, Super cup.
  • Yamaha:
    + Scooter: Nouvo (1-5), Nozza, Acruzo, Grand, Janus..
    + Motorcycle: Exciter, (Jupiter, Sirius sau 2010).
  • Suzuki:
    + Scooter: Address, Hayate
    + Motorcycle: Viva, Axelo

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