To commend and honor the enterprises that never stop making more efforts to create the good environment, ensure the happy life for all employees, reach to the balance and stable development, Labor Newspaper held the program “Good Enterprise for Laborer” and GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd is one of 85 enterprises that is honored to receive this noble reward.

The hand-over ceremony “Good Enterprise for Laborer”was formally held at 9.30 am on 25th October, 2014 in Hanoi and broadcasted directly on VTV1- National Television. This is the first time the reward was held by Labor Newspaper with the attendance of professional council coming from Vietnam Labor Union, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises. The appraisal standard for enterprise to be selected for the award is including strict appraisal items stipulated by Labor and Union’s specialists. The appraisal standards of this program reflects the labor situation and polices for all employees about income, training, working environment, benefits and other activities…

At the hand-over ceremony, Mr Bui Minh Tam- Executive General Manager, on behalf of GS Battery Vietnam Co., Ltd was awarded this reward. This is a evidence to honor our company’s effort for laborers, always thinking our laborer is the most important asset, sharing the profit for laborers and  always listening laborers’ opinions through questionnaire and many policies, activities such as Summer Vacation, Family Festival, mid-year bonus, benefits and establishing the clubs..

The program “Good Enterprise for Laborer” is a meaningful event and a recognition for GSV’s value:  Not only focus on business result but also take care to develop human resource, improve employee’s happy life so that the company can develop sustainable and this is a reliable proof of GSV’s contribution to Vietnamese economy.


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