Our traction battery is among the world's best in quality, standing out by the technology designed by GS Yuasa of using original glass fiber tubes, which meet our customer's requirements for long service life, stable quality and easy maintenance.
These single cells are manufactured by GS Yuasa Siam (Thailand), it is imported, distributed and assembled by GS Vietnam - follow the standard strictly as Japan Industry Standard.

Procedure of assembly and checking at GSV

Specification of single cell

New products

KSBC is the charger for forklift battery and was designed on the basis of many years of our research and experience to assure automatic charging in proper and efficient. Therefore, troublesome battery charging work can be omitted.

This products was manufactured by GS Yuasa's official supplier, distributed by GSV and supported by GS Yuasa Japan in technology.


In Vietnam market, there is a lot of customer fault which is occurred by filling water matter because of its unofficial origin. GSV provides the distilled water for filling into battery during maintenance activity. It's helpful to decrease the risk of customer fault, increase the lifespan for battery as the best choice.


Our products were manufactured by hi-tech filter and assured the standard completely.