With the desire to find out the suitable candidates to expand the Human Resources, GS Battery has registered to join the “Job-Fair” program which have been hold at HCM Technical Educated University on 23/10/2014 with a meticulous and professional preparation.

This program has attracted the participation of 4,200 candidates to look for jobs and the attention of 20.000 students.

In order to build a strong brand, GSV not only focus on investment of machineries and equipments, but also take care to build a good and skilled employee system, which is a very important factor in GSV development. Understanding the meaning and the importance of human factors on the path of development, GS Battery always focus on building the  employee system which has the ability and capable persons to reap the success. The first step for this goal is finding out the suitable candidates with us about working environment, company culture. The sense of initiative in recruitment has a great effect in the screening and selection CVs. Therefore, GS Battery always look for all sources of "hunting" talents instead of using some ordinary recruitment methods under the assistance of recruitment channels. This is one reason that we decided to join this event.

Through this event, we have approached all of 4200 candidates who have been there and  have talked directly with 150 potential persons to exchange and discuss about jobs at GSV, have listened the candidate’s ideas about GSV. On the same day, we received 10 qualified CVs of 10 persons who have a chance to become a members of GSV family to grow together.

Besides, with the delivering of 3,500 plastic fans with GS logo in the program, we have been happy because our small gifts met the urgent needs due to the hot weather during the time of the program. Moreover, our gifts also can re-use for a long time in other chances.

This is a great and professional event and the good opportunity for GSV to find out talent source. Moreover, it is also a playground in order that GSV can access to the labor recruitment market effectively.


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