Why we must add water without add acid?
During process use to make steam to evaporate more concentrated solution (nonvolatile acid), so we have to add distilled water to compensate for the water has evaporated.
Why in the use batteries overheating and water loss, reduced life  expectancy?
Due charging high current in a long time. In charging mode, the battery should keep the temperature below 50° C. The load over-current and over-voltage batteries will lead to overheating battery temperatures are leading to more water consumption and reduced life expectancy.
Why do not keep the car not using for a long time?
When the car was keep in not using condition, the batteries will be run out of power, reduce battery life.  Start the engine once a week (30 minutes each) to load additional power of  the battery self-discharge.
Why should not adding more device not suitable, such as car horns, halogen lights neon?
Manufacturers have calculated the battery capacity suitable to the electrical system. If we add horns, neon large capacity battery overload => Battery Low power and damaged quickly 
When attaching a larger charger, the charger is too big to make fast dry acid battery => Damage battery
Why should we turn off the key when not using motorcycle?
If not turn off, during this time the battery is discharged to supply equipment for a number of lights, fans (for the SH car) ... will make the batteries run out of power.
Why do not start the engine many time if it failed?
When the switch startup hold too long (more than 5 seconds) will make batteries for high current discharge → Battery life reduce.
- Rest one minute  between two starting times for battery recover  the power.
- The cause may not battery, it come from starter device.
Why do not keep brake when driving?
Keep brake to make continuous bright light ==> light high current, this time the battery is not charging but also reducing power while using ==> Battery empty capacity
Why does the battery become over discharge?
- Engine off but continue use electric (using lamp, radio, fan…)
- Keeping battery a long time before using, battery is self-discharged but it wasn't recharged before using.
- Using  over capacity of battery (using wrong  battery type with design of motorbike).
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